B Flat Music began a partnership in 2004 with the students and teachers at the Music Academy in Holguin, Cuba.  When we first visited the area it quickly became apparent to us that they were big on talent but short on instruments, especially ones that worked well.  Each year, sometimes twice a year, we travel to Holguin and take brass and woodwind instruments along with supplies such as reeds, valve oil and other instrument accessories. We have forged lasting relationships with many of the teachers and young musicians. We now see many of these young people entering the national stage, making their mark in music composition and performance. 

As word spreads about our Cuban mission, we have been fortunate in receiving donations of both instruments and funding from people offering their support. We are able to place instruments directly into a student or teacher’s hands and track the progress of the player. The airlines have been most generous in providing us with extra baggage allowance in order to accommodate the transport of goods. 

We are most grateful to everyone who has made a donation towards this exciting cause. Please contact us at bflatmusic@bellnet.ca in order to find out how you can help.